C.P.E Bach’s Magnificat & G.F. Handel’s Chandos Anthem No. 5

The King’s Chorus presents MUSIC FOR SAINT CECILIA directed by Nick Halley. The program features Ensemble Regale with Paul Halley on organ.

The most famous member of the most famous musical dynasty of all time – the Bach family –  is undoubtedly that intimidating figure known as the Godfather of modern western music; old Johann Sebastian Bach himself. But the Bach who may have met with the most success in HIS lifetime was J.S. Bach’s son, Carl Phillip Emmanuel (C.P.E.).

In this fabulous piece of music from the precocious young composer, you can see why.

In fact, this concert will take the audience through an array of music from Gregorian Chant to the Renaissance, to the wild and crazy 20th century – the smorgasbord of great music that has made the King’s Chorus “Cecilia” concert an annual hit in Halifax. The featured piece of the first half comes from another precocious composer, who had only just averted his father’s desire that he be a lawyer and arrived on the shores of England as a fledgling composer. He was beginning to make a splash: G.F. Handel, with his Chandos Anthem number 5 “I Will Magnify Thee”.

If what CPE Bach says is true – that he received all of his training from his father – then it was from his father that he inherited not only beautiful technique and a penchant for musical revolution, but also the ability to impart pure joy and passion through music.

In this concert, the King’s Chorus will surely impart that spirit of joyful music-making to its audience, in the stunning interior of St Mary’s Cathedral Basilica, with trumpets, timpani, winds, and strings blaring away. This will truly be a joyful noise made for the patron saint of music.


November 22nd | 7:30pm | Saint Mary’s Cathedral Basilica, Spring Garden Road, Halifax

Tickets: click here or call (902) 422-1270 x 261